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Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Freezer - Eighth Cow Shares!

Looking to stock up your freezer with premium cuts without the pressure of a large commitment? Our Eighth Cow Shares are tailored for individuals, couples, or small families, offering an ideal way to enjoy a wide range of delectable meats.


How does it work? We take a whole cow's worth of cuts and distribute it into 8 equal portions by value. While not every cut can be precisely divided, we ensure that each share receives a diverse selection of cuts, all carefully chosen to maintain equal value. Please note that the exact contents of each share may vary based on availability.


Packaged meat yield is normally roughly 60% of the hanging weight. 


Here's just a glimpse of the variety of cuts you can expect:

  • Ground beef (roughly 30+/- lbs with these shares)

  • Stew meat

  • Stirfry Strips

  • NY Strip Steak

  • Delmonico (boneless ribeye)

  • Tenderloin (filet mignon)

  • Boneless chuck steak

  • Bones (great for bone broth)

  • Sirloin steaks

  • Flat Iron, Flank or Tri-tip (depending on availability)

  • Skirt Steak or Flap Steak (depending on availability)

  • Bone in Short Ribs

  • Roast (Brisket, Chuck, shoulder or round depending on availability)

This package typically requires 1.5 cubic feet of freezer space. Enjoy the convenience of standard cuts without custom options. 


These 1/8 cow shares are based on $7.75/lbs x 75 lbs hanging weight. Packaged meat is roughly 60% of hanging weight. 

1/8 Cow Share

SKU: 000000
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