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We practice rotational grazing on our Angus crossbred herd to produce healthy (happy) cattle, nourishing food, and fertile soil. We offer 100% pastured beef through bulk and boxes in a variety of different sizes.




We graze our beef on luscious green pastures here in the Snoqualmie Valley. All our beef spend their entire life roaming free, eating what nature intended.

Our grass-finished beef remain on pasture until they’re ready for harvest. Grass finished beef tends to be leaner offering a beefier texture and natural flavor.

Our grain-finished beef will be introduced to corn, oats, barley, and other high quality grains sourced locally three to four months prior to harvest. Grain finished beef have higher fat levels that contribute to more marbling and bold flavor.

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Our beef is priced per pound by the "hanging weight"- the weight after the initial slaughter before processing begins. We typically harvest at 1,200 lbs. with an approximate hanging weight of 750 lbs. Current rates for our grass-finished cattle range from $6.50 - $7.75 per pound (hanging weight-butcher fee cut & wrap included in price). Be sure to reserve yours before they are sold out for the year.

Consider these things when deciding on your the purchase of your local pastured beef

  1. The average American consumes between 75-100 pounds of beef per year.

  2. Freezer space requirements: 1/4 - 4 cubic ft (standard top freezer,  1/2 - 8 cubic ft, Whole - 16 cubic ft (chest freezer)

  3. Current retail pricing for comparable beef can be seen at your grocery stores.

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