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Buying beef direct from your local rancher begins by reserving your beef share and placing a deposit for your beef. Select which beef share you will be reserving (Eighth, Quarter, Half, Etc.). Once you have placed a deposit on your beef share we will arrange for the processing of your beef with a time frame. We typically harvest our beef in Late Spring, Mid Summer, and Early Fall.


Our beef is priced per pound by the "hanging weight"- the weight after the initial slaughter before processing begins. We typically harvest at 1,100 lbs. with an approximate hanging weight of 700 lbs. Current rates for our grass-finished cattle range from $7.00 - $7.75 per pound (hanging weight-butcher fee cut & wrap included in price). Be sure to reserve yours before they are sold out for the year.


75 lbs  @  $7.75 =



150 lbs  @  $7.50 =



300 lbs  @  $7.25 =



600 lbs  @  $7.00 = $4,200


Eighth, Quarter, Half, and Whole Beef Freezer Space Guide

When you choose Flooded Riveranch for your beef needs, it's important to ensure that you have adequate freezer space to accommodate the quantity of meat you'll receive. Here's a helpful guide to estimate the freezer space required for a typical beef order size. If you're a visual learner, keep scrolling for the infographic below. 

  • One-Eighth of a Beef: Top Freezer above the Refrigerator
    In the upper compartment of a frid
    ge/freezer combo, which typically has a capacity of 3-4 cubic feet, you can generally store only about one-eighth of a beef. 

  • Quarter Beef: 6-7 Cubic Foot Freezer
    For a quarter beef order, you might be able to get away with a freezer of 5 cubic feet, but that's only if you don't have additional items in your freezer.  To allow for some extra space for potential additional items, we suggest opting for this size when ordering a quarter of beef.​

  • Half Beef: 9-12 Cubic Foot Freezer
    A half-beef order necessitates a minimum freezer size of 8 cubic feet. However, if you plan to store other items, including different types of meats, a freezer with a capacity ranging from 9 to 12 cubic feet would provide ample space.​

  • Whole Beef: 17-21 Cubic Foot Freezers
    A 16 Cubic foot freezer is the minimum size we recommend for a whole beef order, but it might be tight. Opting for 17 - 21 cubic foot freezers to accommodate a whole cow while ensuring an organized storage system using bins or shelves.​

Having the appropriate freezer space ensures that your Flooded Riveranch beef stays fresh and properly stored, ready to be enjoyed whenever you desire. For any further assistance or to place your beef order, please contact us using the information below.

Note: These recommendations are provided to assist customers in estimating freezer space requirements. Actual freezer space needed may vary based on individual packaging and storage preferences.

How Much Beef Should You Buy based on freezer and family size

Select Your Share

For Half and Whole Orders
Fill Out A Custom Cut Sheet

From Field to Freezer


Orders of half and whole cows have the option of custom cutting & wrapping. 

Ensure you get everyone's favorite by selecting the exact cuts you want for your beef. 

We explain a little about the buying process and what kind of cuts you can expect when getting your beef.

We will also be offering meat-cutting workshops hosted at the ranch in the Fall for those interested in mastering the art of home butchering.

Beef cut sheet fill out
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